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Oasis Coral

Stomatella Snails (5 Pack)

Stomatella Snails (5 Pack)

Stomatella Snails (5 pack)

These great little creatures roam your aquarium keeping your glass and rockwork looking pristine. They easily reproduce in captivity but will not become invasive. They also prefer to graze at night meaning your tank won't be covered in snails throughout the day.

Stomatella Snails move faster than turbo snails making them a great addition you your clean up crew. 

Please note stomatella snails will drop their tails, a lot like a drop tail lizard will when they feel threatened. More often than not this happens as soon as we pick one up so if you receive one or 2 without a tail don't worry, they will grow back in no time. 

You will receive 5 Stomatella snails per order.

Snails will vary in size, but we will find the largest we can in our systems.

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