Collection: Zoanthids

Zoanthids are a staple coral in a reef tank. Their colour combinations are basically unlimited and unlike any other species of coral available in the hobby. Being one of the easiest corals to keep, they are perfect for both beginners and experienced reefers. All of our zoas are tank hardy and 100% grown in house making them pest and disease free. 

Zoanthids here are priced per polyp or per frag of 5 polyps.

Generally cheaper zoanthids will have a minimum of 5 polyps and often more. This will be noted in the zoanthid title. 

Mid to higher end zoanthids will contain a single polyp unless a quantity greater than "1" is specified. (for example, if you would like 3 Rainbow Incinerator polyps on a frag plug, set your buying quantity at "3").

Please note that some zoanthids contain a dangerous toxin called Palytoxin. Precautions should be taken when handling these corals. More information on palytoxin can be found in the following link.

Palytoxin Poisoning: Marine Aquarium Safety | SA Health